"Decide to Feel Good - Natural Strategies to Improve Your Health: Session 1 - Immune Support"

Health Series Session 1: Boost Your Immune Support the Natural Way

This event is for people like you, who are ready to make a commitment to feel better naturally, to be able to start now, before all those empty New Year’s Eve resolutions start making their way to your inbox!

That's why we named our health series, "Decide to Feel Better." You recognize it’s up to you. Now, you’ll get practical no-nonsense information that you can use immediately to feel better. But first, we’d like to clear up a few myths about achieving wellness:

MYTH #1: Immune deficiencies are a product of your genes, not your environment.

Research has supported that environmental factors are responsible for immune deficiencies. Many things such as climate, toxin exposure, infections, and poor diets can all contribute to the onset of dis-ease.

MYTH #2: Medication is required for any relief.

Conventional medicine's only true weapon against immune deficiency is drugs. Yet research shows that there are many effective, alternative treatments. I'm sure you already use some of them.

MYTH #3: Gut health is unrelated to immune health.

A large majority of the immune system is found in the gut! To think of these two health concerns as separate entities is a serious flaw in the conventional medical model used today. In short, to heal the immune system, you must heal the gut.

Why Is This Important?

Our bodies experience health in different ways through our chemical, physical, and emotional states and it is necessary to address all these simultaneously to achieve optimal health. However, as you know, this is ignored in the current medical model used today. That is why we are so excited to share with you how the field of complementary medicine closes these gaps and helps you to truly achieve and sustain wellness!


Together, we’ll consider dietary changes, supplementation, chiropractic adjustments, essential oils and stress management. We will show how dietary changes benefit your gastrointestinal health and provide a multitude of benefits to your immune system.

As holistic healthcare practitioners, we help to identify the underlying causes, imbalances, and dysfunctions within your body. We work as a partner in your health to remove the issues, replenish your body’s specific needs, and instill the confidence and support on your journey to feel better today.

Hosted by:

Dr Shawn and Wayne

Take Control Of Your Health

Join us to get clear on how you can boost your body's natural defenses at our next event, "Decide to Feel Good - Natural Strategies to Improve Your Health: Session 1 - Immune Support", on November 13 at 7p.m. During this experience, you can finally take control of your health by getting to the root of issues, addressing deficiencies, and becoming a more active participant in your healing process.

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From November 13, 2019 - 07:00 PM To 8:30 PM EST
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